About My Services

Discouraged? Feeling helpless? Alone? Frustrated? Those and many other feelings and mindsets are just the beginning of transformation. Society focuses on lifestyle. What is the best diet? Why is my child the way he/she is? How come my body is attacking me? What causes Type 2 Diabetes? So many questions with little to no answers. But are they reversible? The answer is yes. No more feeling discouraged, or helpless, alone, or frustrated. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I help you take the guesswork out of all questions you may have. When working with me I help you understand your diagnosis by working along with your doctors and other practitioners to find answers through labwork, nutritional systems, supplements, and dietary behavioral health. Most of all coach, educate, and create a program that goes to the root of the disease and reverses it without medication.


My passion within my practice is that when a client feels like things are impossible helping them step into freedom with God “All things are possible”.

ADD/ADHD, Autism, Chronic Pain, Inflammatory Disorders, Autoimmune, and Dietary Behavioral Health are among the few that I am passionate about. I use my life experience as wife and mother along with my special training to create programs that bring individuals to a place of freedom one step at a time.


Here is a sample of what a tailored program would look like.

Three-month program 1 individual session each week. Within these sessions, we work on your health concerns, food sensitivities, elimination diet, wellness education, one on one support, workshops on topics, handouts and much more…


Monthly Program

Monthly Payment: $475/month for 3 months

Individual Sessions

Health History Consultation: $25

1 Hour Session: $150

Phone Sessions

Free 15 Minutes Only

(requires previous in-person Health History)

My Methods

Within my practice, you will find different modalities that range from simple breathing techniques, prayer, essential oils, solution-based nutritional system, and dietary behavioral health.

The Scope Of My Practice

I do not claim to cure, treat, prescribe nor heal diseases or chronic ailments. Instead, I help guide and work in collaboration with doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and families to help support my clients to reach a lifestyle that is healthier and more sustainable.

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